Most dent repairs range from $75 to $100 for dime to quarter size dents. 

Larger dents need to be estimated in person. We offer free mobile estimates or you can email us photos of the dent at

Pricing for hail damage is estimated per pannel and does not follow the $50 to $75 rule of thumb. You must set-up an appointment to get an estimate for your hail damge.

What will affect the price to fix my dent?

Access to the dent: Getting a tool to the back side of the dent is part of the job. With door panels, access is generally gained by having the window down and using a protective window guard and wedge to allow access between the glass and the skin of the door. Dents in the rear quarter panel may require the removal and reinstall of a tail lamp to gain access. These items will be discussed during the estimating process.

Aluminum Panels: Aluminum works differently than sheet metal. While sheet metal has a memory of how it is supposed to form based on the stamping process done at the factory, aluminum does not have that memory. In some cases it is more difficult to push and prone to work hardening. In general, aluminum is still repairable by PDR. There is an additional charge for working those panels. You can pre-check the panel with a magnet; magnets do not stick to aluminum.

The Depth of the Dent: The deeper the dent is, the more difficult it can be to get out. A small, extremely sharp dent can be more difficult than a larger dent where the damage is more spread out. When the panel has been hit too hard or the impact has fractured the paint, the metal may be stretched. A 100% repair is not possible when this occurs due to the nature of metal expansion. The technician will determine this for you and advise you on the expected outcome of the repair.   





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